About / Studio

Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with jewelry. I've always been fascinated by the feeling it gives me when I wear it. I admire the way jewelry has the power to attract and express energy. I have long been observing how different colors complement one another. As a child, I would arrange my crayons, noticing how one color played off another. Today, I get inspiration for the color combinations in my jewelry designs from the patterns in fabrics, dishes, and flowers, among others.

It is always important to judge my work on a person: how they appear when worn, how the beads look against one'sskin. My studio features a mirror close by that I frequently use to evaluate a piece from this perspective.

The first ten years of my jewelry business, I sold my work directly to the public at art festivals. This gave me an invaluable opportunity to observe my work on a variety of women. Through keen observation, I have noticed which colors look best with certain colorings: olive green looks pretty on red-heads, and blue earrings always bring out a woman's blue eyes. I've also had a chance to observe the sense of scale: what size looks right on a person, depending upon their stature and age.

I make what has come naturally to me. Many people believe my work looks Baroque or Victorian. In its elegance, my work is timeless rather than trendy. I marvel at vintage beads, intrigued by both their providence and history. What dance were they worn to? Did she fall in love while wearing these? The regal Venetian glass with its gold dust has stood the test of time, having been made for over three hundred years. And the fascinating earthly magic intrinsic in the semi-precious beads leaves me awestruck. These qualities inspire me to create pieces that allow their individual beauty to come through.