Jewelry Services

Update Your Heirlooms


 Incorporate a beloved piece of jewelry into a stunning redesign

Re-create into elegant designs you'll enjoy wearing for years to come. 

My work is known for its fine craftsmanship and keen sense of color.

Have your mother's old watch made into a lovely necklace.

Custom Occasion Pieces


Custom pieces available via inquiry:




Expert Repairs


Re-stringing/traditional hand knotting on silk

Choose from a vast selection of new & vintage clasps


Vintage watches and cameos made into beautiful necklaces

I work with people across the country who mail me their pieces for repairs and custom work.


Kathleen in Tallahassee

   “I would love for you to use my story” 

 Just a few weeks after donating a kidney to her mom on Valentine’s Day 2014, Kathleen commissioned me to rework her mother’s vintage jewelry into new designs for her family. She gave me detailed descriptions on each person noting their stylistic preferences. We then collaborated on designs for her mom, sister, sister–in–law, daughter, daughter–in–law, and six granddaughters. 

Laura in Atlanta


"On Christmas morning, when the girls opened their presents to find the necklaces you had made from my grandmother's earrings, my father teared up—recognizing his mother’s jewelry."